Why We Blog

Why We Blog

To blog or not to blog, that is the question being asked these days.

Some feel that blogging is done. The market has been saturated and there is no room for anyone else to enter or make anything from it. So why bother? Blogs were really big a few years ago and for many of the first adopters, it propelled them into fame. Serious fame. There are blogger groupies. But that doesn’t happen anymore. The end.

That said, we never did it for that reason. Except, we learned it was something we should be doing as business owners, much like having a website. And so, we did it.

Now that we have been posting for a few years now, we have moved from “something that we should do” to “something we like doing.” It’s like journaling for us. If it helps our business, great! However, mostly now it helps clear our heads, find inspiration, get organized and yet try out something new and bold. It helps us make discoveries. It helps us document our lives for future (children, grandkids, and beyond). And then all of it, helps us communicate and demonstrate our work to our clients. That’s you.

To say, we never thought about quitting would be a lie. It has been tough, especially when we stopped the habit of posting Monday – Friday. Days grew into weeks, and then weeks into months between posts. Then heck, if it didn’t matter anymore, why care?

It’s funny. Life has a way of telling you some things.

If you listen.

Sometimes, most likely when you are ready to throw in the towel, you get a hint about whether or not you should or shouldn’t continue doing something. It is never a big message like a lottery win. It’s so quiet and unassuming you might miss it. It might be packaged in a way it doesn’t reveal itself in a obvious way or the messenger can be so out of character, even strange, that you don’t trust it.

Do you ever have those moments?

We did. Just when we were ready to let the blog float away. We started to get noticed. People would would ask about our blog (and these are people who hardly ever spoke to us). “Why haven’t you blogged lately?” “We miss your blog.”

At first, we tried to ignore it. We even thought we were being made fun of. Yep, why would we believe something good about us, when we can believe something bad. Anyone else do this?

Anyways, we are going to be here. We will be writing about design, things that inspire us, things we like to collect, even the personal stuff.

So…Let’s catch you up!

We’ve been working hard on #anewhorizon. Although we’ve only completed one bathroom. And a DIY stair runner.

Otherwise it’s been mostly demolition.

Why We Blog
Welcome to your new home, now get ready for your flooded basement.

It hasn’t been all #anewhorizon work. We have been fitting in some client work too.

But yes, we had more demolition at #anewhorizon. We made our dining room opening wider and got rid off some appliances (stove) as we get ready to do the kitchen renovation.

Girls got their first ski lessons this year. So proud of them.

As always, we made time for our thrift store outings. Always with a kid, or two, or three in tow. Even if they weren’t exactly in the mood. #familybiz

Sadly we also learned recently that our beloved Pippa is blind. It’s been a tender lesson for all of us.

Yet nothing stops us from adventures.

We finally got to NYC for the Hilma af Klint exhibit at the Guggenheim. And by finally, we got there for the last day. One of our best ways to go through a museum is with these little ones. Teaching through art. We always love to teach through good food and social activism too. So visit a to the Lingua Franca store with lunch at Roman and Williams Guild was in order for the day.

There was more fun to be had right here close to home with the opening of the Happy Place in Boston.

And yes, more demolition. This time to add french doors to back yard.

Why We Blog

During this stressful, chaotic home demolition and renovation, which seems like it has been every day. All day. To cope, we all have developed an addiction. Topo Chico, has been our drug of choice to weather the bad days, even to celebrate the good days. Seriously we can’t live without them.

Also, we now have a six year old. This girl had grown into such a role model for her younger siblings. And yet where has all the time gone? Everything they have always said is true. Savor these days because it all goes by so quickly.

Why We Blog

So yes, despite all the chaos, we are trying to learn, work, juggle, but mostly savor.

And that’s why we blog.

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