How to let your hair go gray.

Letting my hair go gray was not exactly the easiest decision I’ve ever made, but it was one of the better decisions.

Especially now, during the Covid-19 quarantine.

A little history…

My mother went gray prematurely, so I’ve always known it was a possibility for me. I’ve always kept an eye out for women that have done gray in a chic fashionable way, just in case this was in my future.

Well, just before 50, I gave in and made the decision to stop covering the gray. It was a battle I no longer wanted to waste my time to wage any longer.

To my surprise, the decision was met with much criticism.

Mostly from women.

Comments like, “why are you throwing in the towel so early?’ were such a disappointment. Is that what I was doing? Throwing in the towel on my looks? Just because I no longer wanted to spend time and money coloring my hair?

Honestly, I had thought about my decision for many years. And I had seen many gorgeous women with gray hair and thought my plan would be met with almost no reaction. I always knew the biggest hurdle would be in the how to grow it out and never in the public outcry against the very notion.

Boy was I wrong.

The comments never stopped. People could not help themselves from commenting. It was like how people feel free to touch and rub a pregnant women’s belly as if she is public’s domain. Seriously, my gray hair was apparently up for public discussion. And none of it was positive.

It doesn’t help that the hardest part was by far the grow out period. So…why not let the social distancing work to your advantage here. We are all able to stay home, not run into our coworkers, and we can’t run to the hairdresser either. It’s kind of funny…to hear so many women wonder what they will do now that they have no access to these luxuries.

Go natural…we dare you.

It seems as thought many of us, are taking this time to explore and find our best self. Find our best self through purpose, exercise, cooking, hobbies, cleaning and organizing. All with the idea of emerging from quarantine better than when we entered. Don’t let those missed hair appointments and graying roots get you down, embrace the gray. Gray hair can be beautiful, cool and sexy.

Once I gave up the monthly visits, and embraced the gray there was something refreshing about it all. I gave into the process: aging. But it was actually accepting myself. Plus, I also gained all those hours spent at the hairdresser too…don’t get me started about how much I couldn’t stand that!

But seriously. Although, i just went cold turkey here are some great tips to help you make the leap into the gray and never turn back.

But don’t forget!

Gray hair isn’t without its maintenance either. It can turn yellow and brassy without hair care that works best with gray hair. Here are some products that are recommended. Psst, I also put in a root coloring crayon if you just can’t handle making this big change right now.

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