It is a whole new blog world.


It Is A Whole New Blog World.1

WOW, we know it has been a few weeks since we attended this conference but let us tell you, it was packed full of information for design bloggers. We have spent the weeks since trying to wrap our heads around what we learned and what we will do with all that we have learned. Yet before our head’s explode we thought we should share a few standouts for us.

One quote that we keep saying over and over is, “don’t compare your beginning with someone else’s middle”. Amber Lewis said this in her keynote and man she couldn’t have been more right on. This was a big take away for us.

You can get so bogged down from everyone else’s success that you give up.
Everyone has been where you are now and who knows you may go farther than what you see from them today.

You gotta keep on truck’in.

Thanks Amber Lewis. You are not only a design inspiration of ours.
But your words were so true and genuine. We loved your story.

The first step we did upon our return was to get a GEEK. As you know we started the process of moving our website to wordpress just before we left for this conference. Well, we finally got the nudge to get serious and get a website expert. We hired Abby Fichtner from Digital Muse to work with us on our new site. We are so pumped to get started even more now.

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It Is A Whole New Blog World.3

It Is A Whole New Blog World.4

We heard Shea McGee from Studio McGee and learned how she got started using Instagram. Amazing story!
So encouraging and so inspiring. here are just a few pearls from her story and how Instagram is a key marketing tool for your business.

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It Is A Whole New Blog World.10

It Is A Whole New Blog World.11

Here are some lovely interiors by Studio McGee

It Is A Whole New Blog World.12

It Is A Whole New Blog World.13.

We were delighted by the visual splendor of Velvet and Linen and the story of their blog life on their Patina Farm. Could you imagine waking up each day greeted by these views. They have really curated a stunning blog and life in Ojai, California.

It Is A Whole New Blog World.15

It Is A Whole New Blog World.16

It Is A Whole New Blog World.17

It Is A Whole New Blog World.18

It Is A Whole New Blog World.19

Isn’t this a slice of heaven.

It Is A Whole New Blog World.20

The amazing, dazzling grand designer Ken Fulk talked about his journey with his new book, Ken Fulk’s Magical World.

Oh boy, it is indeed m a g i c a l .

His designs and bold yet intimate and warm. He is over the top yet down to earth. Is it possible to be both? Not sure but he seems to be doing it. Just look at these exquisite designs. Love adding his book to our collection.

It Is A Whole New Blog World.21

It Is A Whole New Blog World.22

It Is A Whole New Blog World.23

OK, if Ken Fulk wasn’t enough, we were delighted by the global colorful world of designs by Michelle Nussbaumer.

Her blog Ceylon et Cie will give even the most ardent homebody the urge for travel or at least make you armchair wanderlust dreams.

She is able to mix worlds together for sublime results. We were dazzled and it confirmed our desire and commitment that travel makes you a better designer and person.

There is so much beauty out there and Michelle brings it to life in every interior she designs.

It Is A Whole New Blog World.24

It Is A Whole New Blog World.25

It Is A Whole New Blog World.26

It Is A Whole New Blog World.27

It Is A Whole New Blog World.28

We could go on and on, there was so much packed into just three days. We will leave you with the spot on insight from Instagram sensation, photographer Connor Dwyer.
We heard how Connor creates inspired Instagram campaigns with powerful results.

It Is A Whole New Blog World.29

It Is A Whole New Blog World.30

I know where we will be this same time next year. Actually we already took advantage of the pre-early bird offer. So are booked for next year. If you are thinking about blogger or ready to bring your blog to the next level, this conference is for you.

Give us a call and let’s do lunch in L.A..

That’s impeccable.

That's Impeccable!

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