Take us away…to the White Doe Farm

The White Doe Farm…ever see a getaway as charming as this?

We haven’t…and it’s just a short drive from where we live in New Hampshire. Right over the border in Vermont. We’ve booked ourselves a long weekend getaway there in April, so looking forward to getting a quick little escape to inspire us in the early spring.

In fact, the owners of this beyond charming place connected with us, and now we cannot wait to visit! Thank you, Tiva!

  1. We are so ready to get away…this Air BNB is perfect.
  2. But we will need a few things. This, this and this will be great!
  3. And doesn’t the White Doe Farm give you total vibes from The Crown? Us too…that’s why we need this. Probably these too. And definitely this.
  4. We totally have a sweet spot for tartan this winter, and JCrew is bringing it! How about this modern update on a total classic? Or this? Or maybe go to bed in these?
  5. And since we are on a tartan kick…let’s just go all in and add blazers and coats to every single outfit. It’s right on with the beautiful outfits seen in The Crown, and would be perfect for those cold Vermont nights…since we are obviously booking a stay at the White Doe Farm!
  6. Speaking of the White Doe Farm, it’s seriously quintessential Vermont. Set in an idyllic farm setting, and it makes us want to get away…like now. But instead, we will do a lot of this, and this
  7. And focus on building a perfect winter bar. We need to learn a few new skills, and stay cozy as it’s cold outside, and we are inside.
  8. But most important…stay safe this holiday season. Be kind. And have a little fun. We will be busy planning an early spring getaway to Vermont. To follow our adventures, be sure to join our private, members only instagram!

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