What’s up Homie (Home Goods)

Do designers shop for their home at Home Goods like everyone else?


Sure we do. I mean we ARE human.

Yet what we hear from everyone is more specific about what we buy there.

What are our go to finds.

Well, first people, we are designers, so we are trained and educated in this field. We wouldn’t expect you to go through Home Goods with the same skill we do as experts in the trade.

That said, we can give you some shopping tips.


Look for coffee table books. They can scattered about and almost hidden, but get in there and look because they are great. Every designer will tell you to get books.

You can never go wrong with blue and white. These ginger jars are classic and they go with EVERYTHING. You never have enough trust us on this.

Sculptural pieces, like spheres, coral, even a cement apple make great accents on a table top or those darn hard to decorate bookcases. Accents like these make a statement and you can get great deals so go head and get funky with it.

If you want to run into your neighborhood designers, then run don’t walk to the clearance aisles. Yessiree Bob, we will all be there each and every time we enter Home Goods. Both of these accent tables were there on our most recent visit. Accent tables are a fabulous find here. We use accent tables to add fun to a room. Every chair needs an accent table. This is your chance to add same shine, gold, texture, color to your rooms. Here is an area to try out a trend, so why pay big bucks because Home Goods always has a great selection.

A room isn’t complete without texture. You can find great pillows at Home Goods to give your home that necessary texture and interest. Plus pillows are the easiest way to change up a room.

Lastly, although we could honestly go on and on….every home, every room needs something alive. Flowers and plants are a designers must have when photographing their work. Yet we find most people forget about the container. Home Goods has some fabulous planters and pottery. Even better they have the really big stuff like for trees. Big beautiful pots are hard to find and usually very expensive. Get them here,. The place is usually filled with them.

Now survey your house, make your list of what you need…you should be well schooled now about what’s up Homie (Home Goods).


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