What we thrifted: Galliano Bottles

Want to know how we celebrate Kim’s birthday? With a Harvey Wallbanger cake. Have you had one? They’re delicious and the key ingredient is Galliano.

Now, why are we talking about Harvey Wallbanger cakes and Galliano? Well, we stumbled across this super charming soldier (below) and put him on the shelf.

Galliano Bottle

So, why did we buy this? Well, he’s charming! He came in a set of three, varying heights and we’ve sprinkled these soldiers around the house. We visited one of our favorite antique spots (Ramble Market in Waltham, MA), and found these attentive soldiers…and Emma knew they HAD to come home with us! (She learned from the last time she went out…lesson? If you LOVE it? BUY it!)

Not quite knowing what to do with them, we started creating some shelfies, and they’re perfect. A perfect addition to the bar AND our shelves. Because if you know us, there always needs to be a touch of whimsey, and these boys are perfect for that.

Not much is out there on the origins of these bottles, other than they were a promotion in the 1960s, and certainly charming! Here was the ad that ran:

Galliano Bottles

And today? You can find them randomly online, and in antique stores. So, while we are trying to find the right home for these charmers, we recommend you add some whimsey to your bar carts at home with a little soldier, or something a bit different like these styled carts:

Like most things, we buy them because they are cute, darling or something we can’t live without…and clearly, Emma decided we couldn’t live without. Here are some more things we just can’t seem to live without!

And fore more advice and styling, read this to see how we transformed a closet into a hip bar!

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