What we did this summer: P + P Creative Camp

We went to Creative Camp!

The Impeccable Nest team (+ sissycat, who we are always trying to bribe to join our team) set off to Nashville for a weekend of fun, exploration and P+P Creative Camp. We had never been to Nashville so it was the perfect excuse to check it out. But the real reason was to get to spend the day with a design guru, Gen Sohr and her team from Pencil and Paper Co. 

What we did this summer: P & P Creative Camp


First off…

This was a fun little girl’s weekend sans little ones, which for the Impeccable Nest team is quite rare. Anyone that knows us, knows that we rarely go anywhere without one, two, or all three little chickens in tow. And if one of us, is without a kiddo, it usually means the other is at the other end with them. Now, we ain’t complaining, well, maybe just a tad, because all things being told, they ARE the motivating force behind the Impeccable Nest Design firm.

How lucky are we to be able to run our own business and be available to nurture and watch these young ones grow up.

But listen, who doesn’t like to get a few days with ONLY grownups to talk all things design…without cheerios everywhere! Sign us up!

Next stop?  Nashville!

We landed in Nashville Friday morning and headed straight to our boutique hotel, Noelle to put our bags down and head out and explore! This was a quick trip so we needed to make the most of our day (literally 48 hours!). But first breakfast. And biscuits was all we could think about.

Biscuit Love, seriously had a line down the street so we had to go with another recommendation, Milk and Honey and we were not disappointed! Trust us, just flip a coin over which one to go, or better yet if you have time try both! Crazy good eats. Next up, walking off those biscuits, so off to see what Kristin Cavallari’s new store Uncommon James was all about…don’t judge, we’re California girls and yes, we watched Laguna Beach and The Hills. So we just wanted to know what our homegirl ad been up to..we ain’t haters.

Ugh, the heat!

Now this was in August, so hot and humid was an understatement so we needed to find some air-conditioning so what better way to cool off than a museum. So a quick Uber to the Frist Museum was just what the doctor ordered. But wait!  We had to contemplate our dinner plans, over cocktails! So we headed back to our hotel, straight up to the rooftop bar for some R&R before dinner. It was there that we met up with some of the other creatives that were going to Creative Camp with us.

Before we all left for camp, some of came to know each other through: Instagram. I mean, who would be part of the lucky 24 going to Creative Camp? We came from all over and besides our love for Pencil and Paper Co. and design, who were we all?

In a word, delightful!

That night we went to dinner with the most delightful campers we could ever meet. We were different, yet had so many things in common. It was like we had always known each other. And our meal…was fabulous. If you ever get the opportunity to go to Nashville, you must go, no, RUN to Rolf and Daughters. It was amazing, made even more amazing by our server who was so passionate about the food that we let her order for the table.

What we did this summer: P & P Creative Camp

We went to bed that night already so happy and we hadn’t even gone to camp yet! It was kinda like Christmas eve like when we were young, trying to fall asleep wondering what the morning would bring us. We had thoughts of Gen and what creative camp would bring dancing in our heads. Cheesy, yes, but down right true.

Getting creative…

Now the rest of this is kind of a blur, to say we were excited and totally captivated by being greeted at the front door by Gen would be the understatement of the year.

Do you follow anyone? An actor, a writer, a fashionista, a mentor? Now, imagine not just following them or just sitting in the audience watching, listening to them but actually meeting them up close and personal, in their own home, and getting to spend the day with them. And nothing is off limits. You can ask them anything. Yeah, it was that real of a moment. And yet, it felt like I would have always imagined it would be. We could be friends. Besties, in fact.

If you are at all familiar with the design styling of Pencil and Paper Co. touring her home was like walking through her website and Instagram photos yet so surreal and way more cooler than we could ever imagine. We had the most beautiful and delicious breakfast catered by one of her go-to spots, Little Octopus. And just chatted about how she went about designing and decorating her family home. It was perfect.

It was like we had fallen down the rabbit hole in Alice and Wonderland into our own wonderland.

Once the trolley arrived, it was off for a tour of Gen’s favorite places. we visited her designer friend, Sarah Bartholomew’s new shop, then a few vintage shops, lunch, and cocktails. Did we mention the charming gift bag we received as well! The Love Ya’ll tote was filled to the brim with so many wonderful treasures curated by Gen and her team.

All images by: Susan Johnson
We toasted our day with champagne and strawberry petit fours and some private shopping at Reese Witherspoon’s shop, Draper James which was BTW designed by Pencil and Paper Co. So charming and such a nice way to end our day together. We were Happy Campers!
What we did this summer: P & P Creative Camp

Most of the photos used are by the incredible talented, Susan Johnson. Susan is part of the talented people Pencil and Paper surround themselves with and it was such a pleasure to meet her. Check out her fabulous blog, the dimpled explorers.
So many good, no great! and talented people. Can’t wait to see what comes up with P+P Creative Camp in the future.
In the meantime, this has filled our creative tank.
Thank you Gen and team.


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