Wanderlust with Michelle Nussbaumer

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Screen Shot 2020 09 22 At 1.58.01 Pm

  1. Michelle Nussbaumer is our total spirit animal. Globe trotter, and layered extravagance is how we would love to live too…between her three beautiful homes: Texas, Switzerland, and Mexico…we are green with envy. But seriously…she gives us wanderlust and makes us want to start traveling, and collecting again too.
  2. Speaking of traveling…this dress makes us want to run to a foreign land and dance the night away. This too…and maybe this!
  3. And set the table with this…and buy these to sip champagne out of.
  4. Speaking of Champagne…have you heard of this? We’ve signed up for a monthly delivery, and it’s so good.
  5. Since we adore Michelle Nussbaumer, you might as well buy her book! And gift it too.
  6. Plus, we need to have a beautiful scent to take our senses to another land too…
  7. And then artwork to set the stage. Like this, or this and this!
  8. But most of all, we need to getaway. And this look will make us feel like we are on vacation in our home. Especially if we have this, or these!
  9. Needless to say, we have complete and total wanderlust these days, and Michelle Nussbaumer is filling our cup…Maybe we need to plan a great trip for 2021? Anyone else interested?

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