Vision Board 2020

We love a vision board.

Regardless of it being a new year and all, we love how they look, the process of making them, and the inspiration we get from them.

So grab some magazine, a board (or just go directly on the wall), and some push pins, tape, whatever to attach your photos, quotes, cards, posters, anything you have that gives you that feel good feeling, like your kids drawing, a twig from the yard, some beautiful ribbon, a theater ticket, and just start getting them up and visible.

Here are some vision board ideas that we love.

Vision Board
Photo courtesy of Elana Lyn
vision board
home of Marcus Hay
vision board
Horse Atelier
Vision Board
desk of Maira Kalman
vision board
Pottery Barn

Ready to get started? Or maybe throw a vision board party. We pulled together some supplies that will help get you off on the right foot.

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