Summer Obsession: Vintage Nautical Flags

We are totally obsessing over vintage nautical flags this summer.

You’ll find us snatching these nautical gems up any chance we get on our flea market runs. We suggest you do the same.

These colorful graphic bold finds make the perfect home decor for that summer cottage or summer-i-zing of your main house. Or hold on…how about a nursery. Dude, that would be amazing.

We’re not sure what we will do with the hoards we have collected so far. They would look cool framed and all hung together on a wall. Or strung together as a garland with maybe some twinkle lights on a mantel or under an umbrella on a porch. How about using them to make a striking summer pillow. The sky’s the limit. Best of all, nautical is so very classic and you can add to your collection every year.

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