Vintage French Posters: say oui oui

Vintage french posters add a dramatic flair to a design.

We spied this awesome vintage french poster at one of our favorite antique home decor shops, Bradley and Leonard’s .  Vintage french posters are graphic, colorful and whimsical. You often see at your favorite place to dine on mussels and wine. A classic brasserie decor. Hang them in your home behind your bar, family room, wherever you gather to clink champagne glasses and toast life. So fun and lively. They inspire joie de vivre.

Hmmmm, we just may have convinced ourselves to go back and snatch this one up. Our one of a kind rooms require us to collect what excites us even if we don’t have the client yet. Inspiration waits for no one. We see this one as a fabulous inspiration for a culinary kitchen.

french posters

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