Vintage Coats…and why we love them.

Vintage Coats…they’re so hot right now.

Growing up in Manhattan Beach, it was a big thing (for both Kim and I), to go to Aardvarks in Hermosa and pick up all our clothes for the school year. Although for Emma, it was vintage and Kim? Well, she got to see all of her “new” clothes remastered for Emma’s generation.

Either way…vintage shopping was definitely something we did…and are recently inspired to start doing again for our OWN wardrobes. Actually, we’ve been obsessed with watching Jen of FleaMarketFab on instagram take vintage finds and style them…she’s amazing! So, it has inspired us to do a little hunting and gathering to find some beautiful Mrs. Maisel and “The Crown” inspired coats. I mean, we live in New England, so they will certainly get worn!

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This is a new coat by Buru, one of our favorite companies for chic “mom wear.” Emma is wearing their “Coat of Many Colors,” with over $100 of each coat benefits our non-profit partner, Bring Change to Mind, on a mission to end the stigma of mental illness.

While this coat that Emma is wearing is NOT vintage, it certainly has that feel…that je ne sais quoi of times gone by. And while it might be new…we’ve done some online vintage hunting for some beautiful coats, and found some beauties! Look at what we found:

If you still aren’t sold on the idea of adding one of these gorgeous vintage coats on over your outfit, check out our other obsession: Trinny Woodall. Remember her? Trinny of the original BBC version of “What Not to Wear?” Well, she breaks down how and why you should be wearing coats…and you know what? We are sold. We think you will be sold too…and if you’re wondering where we buy ours? You’ll find us at Savers, the Goodwill, or any antique store in New England. For more inspiration, watch any PBS Masterpiece theater show, or Little Women. We are taking our “Granny Chic/Grandmillennial” look seriously.

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