The “sixth” plane.

Don’t forget about the sixth plane.

Often times during a renovation, fatigue sets in and all you want to do is get it done and get everyone out of your house. We’re in the business and it happens to us too. Yet, getting it done right takes time. So be patient.

During our very own kitchen renovation it hit big. We had a plan for new flooring. We had wall tile all ready to go. And we almost skipped tackling the ceiling because it was becoming oh too much to handle.

That is usually how it happens. Too much mess. Too much money. And you start wondering how important can something like the ceiling really be?

The ceiling is the sixth plane. You just don’t have a room without the ceiling. And just leaving it as is will be a really big regret.

Thankfully we looked at that horrible builders mop technique yuck on our ceiling and knew we had to get rid of it. It was as bad as the dreaded popcorn ceiling. Not sure what the technical name for it is.
It’s just plain ole ugly.

Since we are on the topic of ceilings, we thought we would take this opportunity to chat with you about them. In the world of design, we refer to them as the “sixth” plane or the “fifth” wall.
Whatever. The point is NOT the correct terminology, but to NOT forget them in your design.

Post and beam.

These spaces are on point.
And make our point.
Don’t. forget. your. ceiling.

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