The Perfect Vacation Destination in Western Mass.

vacation destination in Western Mass.
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  1. Okay, we were able to check off a bucket list item. We’ve been dreaming about this vacation destination for a years…decades even. We finally took a quick trip out to the Berkshires. And we found ourselves staying at the Porches at MASS MOCA.
  2. Porches has been a vacation destination for us ever since we stumbled upon it’s charm in a Martha Stewart magazine many, many years ago. And to think, we decided to travel during a pandemic. But we just HAD to get out, and we did it safely. Mostly just drove around in a care, and followed the strict protocols of the hotel.
  3. Speaking of the Porches at MASS MOCA…even if we couldn’t spend time on the porch, or in the public spaces…the room was perfect and reminded us how much we LOVE: beadboard walls (all the way up to the ceiling!), painted floors!!!!, subway tile…classic and timeless design elements.
  4. Like we said, we really needed to get out, and explore something new. So we headed to the Berkshires! And it is everything you would imagine. Charming, creative, and absolutely breathtaking. It’s like Stars Hollow came alive. We explored Great Barrington, Lenox, and Williamstown (with our stay at the Porches). No museums were visited, no restaurants due to COVID, but…we still had a great visit.
  5. Want to know something else? We’ve been busy making some big decisions…and they’re bigger than just deciding if we are buying this, this or this.
  6. We have outgrown our house! But wait! Aren’t you renovating the kitchen? Yes. So, we need to decide what the plan is. And the Berkshires, and Northwest Connecticut are on the list….so is an architect.
  7. Speaking of plans…wouldn’t this be great? We are also dreaming of this too…perfect for our next vacation destination.
  8. We totally just dropped big information on you…don’t worry, we are sharing it all on our instastories for you to follow. There are so many things to consider: should we add on? Should we move? There aren’t other houses in our community that rival ours…I mean, the mouldings, character, and outdoors are perfect.

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