The Mini Gallery Wall

By now, most of you even all of you, know the gallery wall.

If not, you are either new to our blog (hi!) or frankly living under a “I HATE EVERYTHING DESIGN ROCK.”

If you’re like most of us, in the know about gallery walls, maybe just maybe, you are either sick of them or never cared for them in the first place (wait…what?).

It’s not too late to jump on some sort of gallery wall bandwagon with the mini gallery wall.

What’s a mini gallery wall?

It’s exactly what one would think. A small grouping of art, say three hung together. Three really is the magic number with these mini gallery walls. In design, groupings of three is a golden rule. It’s about balance. That said each item doesn’t need to be the same. In fact, variation between the individual pieces is very important. It also is much to do about the empty space too. The look is subtle, yet powerful. Intentional.

Now. In NO WAY! are we ready to nix the whole gallery wall design. Nope! Not at ALL! In fact, it will always have a place in our designer toolbox. But isn’t it rather nice to not have to worry about collecting millions of art pieces in order to put up a gallery wall. Now, all you need is three.

Ready to do a mini gallery wall? Here are some great pieces to get you started.

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