The Master of Plastered Lighting

Plastered Lighting is not a trend.

Nope! In fact, it has been around for a very long time. Plaster was the prized medium in Paris for designers in the early 20th century. We bet you have all heard about a little thing called, plaster of Paris from your early art classes in school.

Right? Plaster of Paris.

Ahhhh…Paris. Have you been? It’s hard not to fall in love with the architecture, and beautiful decor found everywhere. However, if you’ve had the fortune of visiting the Picasso Museum in Paris, it would have been hard NOT to notice the gorgeous plastered lighting from revered plaster artisans, Alberto and Diego Giacometti.

Aren’t they incredible?

Our biggest regret, is it has been so long since we have visited this beautiful place we are dying for a trip to Paris AND the Picasso museum. Not only for the beautiful art admiration, but now to study these plastered light fixtures.

One of our core beliefs is that you can change the look of a room and update a home is through your lighting. Plastered lighting is just that: a fashion forward, modern look with nods to the past. (Duh!) . These beautiful lighting pieces are sculptural and modern all the while being functional. This beautiful plaster allows you to focus on the shape and structure, while being handmade…slightly imperfect. Handmade.

Here’s some beautiful plastered lighting we’ve selected for you to consider for your space. They’re stunning. And we dare you to take a chance and add a piece to your space.

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