The Fanny Pack is Back

The Fanny Pack is back, big time!

Well, that might be a bit of an overstatement. But for me, the one with the neck and back issues, it’s the only way you will see me with anything that resembles a purse.

Now whether you call it a fanny pack or a waist bag, I am here to tell you: This should not be something you laugh off as a ridiculous even ugly trend. Oh no, this chic way of carrying some essentials will be your best friend.

I think, fanny packs arrived on the scene in the 90s, I’ve even saved some super cute ones designed for kids but I don’t think they were made back then to take seriously. They were either made out of backpack material or for kids (a stuffed animal around their waist idea). But the fanny pack is coming back in a big way, Think beautiful leather and killer details. Vogue is featuring models with fanny packs draped crossed body, very haute couture.

Now, after years of wear and tear on the old body from lugging, basically contents for every imaginable emergency in a bag or go without anything to spare us the agony. We can now enjoy life handsfree with some basic human comforts and necessities.

And still look so chic.

Here are a few of my top fashionable fanny packs below. So what are you wanting for? Have you embraced the fanny pack? Your back and neck will thank you.

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