The Design Influencers Conference in Atlanta

The Design Influencers Conference in Atlanta

We’re headed to Atlanta for The Design Influencers Conference.

We almost pass this year. It would be our third year attending The Design Influencers Conference. And despite, always taking home loads of valuable information, it’s always hard to justify the money. To be totally honest, the previous conferences were held in Los Angeles, so we can always justify any company expenditure that brings us back home.

Although, the great fares on Jet Blue did in the end convince us. So Atlanta here we come! The only conflict we ever really have with this conference is that it always interferes with The Academy Awards. Do we get out and about with our designers friends or do we hole up in our hotel room with a good burger and a glass of champs? First world designer problems we know.

Any way, we’re going. If anyone out there still wants to go, here is where you can get the info. and The Grand Hyatt Buckhead, where the conference is being held, still has rooms.

Sorry to say, Design Hubby will be staying home for this trip.

We usually load everyone up for this conference but that is because we’re in L.A. and it’s more like visiting family than just a business trip for Impeccable Nest. So we’re traveling sans kids for this one, sometimes you have to take for the team. Are we convincing anyone as to our absolute giddiness as we type this. Didn’t think so. It’s going to be work and yes, fun.

Having never really spent much time in Atlanta and never in the Buckhead area, we are looking forward to doing some exploring in and around where we will be staying in Buckhead.

Here are some places we are hoping to see, do, and yes, eat while in Atlanta.

Dixon Rye We’ve shopped online with them for awhile now and our beyond excited to visit their studio and shop.

The Design Influencers Conference in Atlanta

The Front Porch Market We can’t remember who told us about this place but it looks like it is oozing with Southern charm and the biscuits don’t look too bad either.

Blayne Macauley StudioWe were invited to the studio of local Atlanta artist Blayne Macauley. So excited to meet Blayne and tour her studio. We just love the seeing where are how artists create. Thank you for the invite Blayne.

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The Westside Mural Project at the Clean Moto Car WashNow if we have time, we want to try and squeeze in this cool art installation. The Westside Mural Project is a collaboration between the owner of the restaurant Lean Draft House and the artist Michael Jones, where the Clean Moto Car Wash that is the restaurant’s neighbor in Atlanta. The project runs until June 2019, so it just might be our last chance to see a car wash transformed into an art gallery. What a cool idea. We hear the tacos aren’t too shabby at the restaurant next door. Car wash, tacos and art, what a score.

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