The Best Loafers

The best loafers are everything.

Seriously, if I could wear one uniform it would be an over sized mens white shirt, a pair of cropped jean (or just rolled up), and the best loafers I could afford. Maybe even not really afford but live on ramen noodles for a month or so to be able to purchase.

The best loafer

Silly? I think not.

The shirt and jeans could be from Target. But the loafers would have to be fabulous. Some women love jewels but give me all a loafer.

Only the best ones! And…if I could only buy them from one place on earth, they would be from Ann Mashburn. The buckle shoe is perfect. It comes in many colors. Just enough heel. Casual and dressy all in one chic package. I would get each and every one.


Oh and if you need a good bag to round out this chic uniform, why not add this!

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