That’s Impeccable: Winter Wear from Cos

Winter wear.

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Beautiful chic, winter wear from Cos.

Yuck…We cannot believe that we are writing those words on a post today. Winter. Winter Wear.

We live in New Hampshire, and dream of warm, sunny days all year long, which is why this is a really tough one for us. Kim can hardly put a coat on, and Emma? Well, a coat is an accessory…which really translates into not practical.

So…we actually went on a deep dive of really great and beautiful clothing that would work for the wintery, freezing cold snow season. From New Hampshire to California…you can pick anything for yourself to keep you warm.

Want to know what really got us on the coat bandwagon lately? Trinny Woodall.

Remember her? She’s still pretty awesome.

We were MAJOR fans of the BBC version of “What not to wear,” and recently RE-discovered Trinny on instagram. Now, why is she so cool and so helpful? Well, she is still shopping, and still helping women see value in how they get dressed. Kim literally fell down the rabbit hole one day and watched all of her videos! But the one that stopped her in her non-coat-wearing tracks, was dedicated too…coats.

Yes, coats. Winter wear. Heavy winter accessory.

So, that’s when we decided to pull our favorites together and share some that we love too.

But wait! It’s coming from one of our all time favorite stores!!!! Cos! And Trinny expressed that one of her favorite, everyday coats comes from this store…and it’s a favorite of ours too.

Have you heard of Cos?

We discovered this B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L store 10 years ago in Denmark. We fell in love with the gorgeous drape of fabrics, and perfect cut of the hems. Needless to say, it’s clothing that will last a long time, and remain beautiful…for a reasonable price. You read that right…a reasonable price.

Check out what we are buying this year…including a perfect cashmere jogger (which would be a great holiday present…hint…hint!).

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