That’s Impeccable: Scoop NYC at Walmart

Do you remember Scoop NYC?

Scoop NYC

I totally do…they were the arbiters of what was “in,” in the early 2000s. And as a young 20-something, I fell HARD for their fashions, style and designers. In fact, I still remember making a pilgrimage to their stores in NYC. Ahhhh….the good old days.

Anywho…Scoop NYC has not disappeared.

In fact, there is a new collab with WALMART!

Yes, WALMART people. I was shocked too…however, Walmart has been rocking the home AND fashion market lately. Have you seen those chairs we just bought for our dining room? You might want to…or these chairs? Classics.

But wait, we are talking about fashion today. Two weeks ago, we posted our favorite fall dresses under $100, and we LOVE them. But today? We are posting our favorites from Scoop NYC at Walmart.

Check them out below…you will find some GREAT pieces to wear this fall, or for Thanksgiving. And the best part? They’re under $100!

BTW, we’re totally getting this VEGAN leopard coat!

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