Summercamp Hotel: A boutique Lark hotel that’s right up our nest.

Summercamp Hotel is a Lark Hotel and this place could not be more perfect for us.

Ok, first the name. LARK Hotels!

We love anything having to do with birds. I mean, our design show is named Birds of Paradise (again, Hello!  Andy Cohen!  Hello! HGTV!). Our interior design firm of Impeccable Nest (and Lark hotels definitely fits in with our nest and the design was impeccable). The whole middle name of my children, Sparrow, Starling, and Wren. So yeah, we have a whole bird thing going on with us. Therefore, Lark Hotels HAD to be super neat.Lark Hotel

And they are!

We’ve only been to Summercamp in Martha’s Vineyard, but we plan to make it to each and every Lark destination, you know how we love a challenge. (Hello!  Lark Hotels!!!  Shouldn’t we work together??) Because for design inspo lovers, these hotels are fun and charming.  Summercamp is located in Oak Bluffs on the Vineyard, set amongst a sea of “Gingerbread” homes, painted in a variety of colors, create such an awesome background for this fun place.  In fact, the hotel is in an old Victorian hotel that has been newly renovated, and given a 2017 facelift (hanging rattan, Serena & Lily Chairs included).  So fresh that we even received $30 to come back!

We can’t tell you what our favorite feature of the hotel was.  But, here are some photos of what we loved.


We can’t wait until next summer, and we’d love to go back to Summercamp.  Maybe Lark Hotels will invite us back?

For more about the Birds of Paradise dream

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