Let’s make a statement with pottery! A night with our favorite ceramicist.

Do you love pottery and ceramics?

We do.

Jill Rosenwald Pottery

In fact, we love them so much we signed up for an event with our favorite, Boston pottery master/ceramicist/artist, Jill Rosenwald, to learn her ways.  Have you seen her beautiful pieces?  They’re special…in fact, you really only need one, but don’t worry, she has tons to choose from and you might buy 10.

Color.  Pattern.  Pottery. Need we say more?

Jill has mastered the statement piece necessary for a kitchen or home.  We have ogled her pottery for years.  In fact, when we opened up our store a few years ago, we flirted with the idea of selling her pieces, and don’t worry, we still are!  Basically, we have loved them for years.  Can’t you just see one of her bowls filled with apples on your kitchen island?  They’re the right amount of punch necessary to make a beautiful statement.

We have been big fans of hers for years, and are always up for an adventure so…

We signed up for a workshop.

Actually, Emma bought the two tickets for a Christmas present for Kimberly.  We LOVE an opportunity to go out and do an activity, and this was right up our alley.  (Jill will be hosting more workshops this spring!  Be sure to take a look here for more information)  Anywho, it was a workshop that was all about paint, pattern and POTTERY!

We were able to take a tour of her studio, learn the techniques to her amazing patterns, and then paint our own (I’ll pick the pieces up in a week or so).  A group of 10-12 women, on a Wednesday night decided to learn the ways of the pattern master, and possibly pick up another piece to add to their collection.  We certainly did.

We are always looking for inspiration, and Jill is awesome.  Be sure to check her out, and if you are local to the Boston/New England market, sign up for a workshop…You’ll love it.

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