Staging Details for Real Estate

We just had a quick staging for home sell last month and it dawned on us that there are many out there that still don’t see how home staging can help boost the sell of your home. Fortunately the homeowners had a full house of furnishings, art, and stuff so that nothing new had to be purchased. It was more of an editing, a severe impersonal editing. We literally walked around tagging what need to be removed and rearranging , rehanging art and general decluttering. This home had beautiful architectural details that we wanted to draw attention to so we went around setting up one beautiful vignette in each room to create a warm inviting mood to let new owners image living there. Open, inviting, clutter-free rooms sell homes.

Most of our clients that hire us are already on board. We don’t have to do very much convincing. Yet it just pains us to go to open houses, a totally hobby and Sunday Funday activity, and see all the money mistakes that homeowners do or rather don’t do that keep their home from getting them top dollar.

Let us share with you a few top home staging tips in our before and after today.

Family Room

  • Remove clutter.
  • Remove all extraneous furniture.
  • Move furniture away from walls.
  • Buy new bright bold pillows.
  • Arrange seating on colorful rug…yes but if necessary.
  • Add flower arrangement.
  • Artwork on focus wall or fireplace. Hang at eye level and mindful of scale.
  • Let the sunlight in!


A can of paint, new lighting, de-cluttering, and modern accents give this dated older kitchen that modern farmhouse look most buyers are looking for today. A few dollars can turn into a huge return on investment.

Living Room #1

Depending on the size of your investment and the return you are hoping to make, it just might be worth leasing all new furnishings to give your home a fresh new outlook. It helps you to start to depersonalize your home and jump start your packing.

Living Room #2

A fresh coat of white paint does wonders to make a home feel fresh, new, and well cared for..exactly what buyers are looking for…a blank space to make their memories.

Curb appeal

Lastly, don’t forget about the outside of your home. Curb appeal is critical.

  • Paint your front door. Consider a strong bold color.
  • Update lighting.
  • Add flowers and plants.
  • Buy new welcome mat, mailbox, even house numbers.
  • Clean up clutter.
  • Walk down and look at home from street. Can you see front door? If not clear the view. Trim trees and overgrown bushes.


We are confident that home staging will make the sell of your home successful.
That’s impeccable.

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