Spray paint it Day 2 & 3…a twofer!

Man you have scored big time today.
We decided that since we totally spaced out last week with our D.I.Y. we would make it up to you with a twofer. Yep, you heard us correctly we are going to give you two D.I.Y. projects today.

Project 1, or what is know known as #DIYthatwinterstormstellainterrupted.
Do you have some not great old furniture, maybe a hand-me-down or a roadside castaway and can’t quite leave it or throw it out. Try spray paint.

Now we typically always espouse the use of white even black when we talk about painting something…yet for the piece we are using, white just wasn’t going to give it any appeal. It was too plain. We went bright, glossy and green.

Spray Paint It Day 2 & 3...a Twofer.1

Spray Paint It Day 2 & 3...a Twofer.2

Spray Paint It Day 2 & 3...a Twofer.3

For your second DIY project, here is the tomato cage plant stand.
Yep, with just some spray paint you can make a really cool plant stand just like we are all seeing all over these days. Pretty cool and pretty cinchy too.

Spray Paint It Day 2 & 3...a Twofer!.5

Spray Paint It Day 2 & 3...a Twofer.6

Spray Paint It Day 2 & 3...a Twofer.7

Spray Paint It Day 2 & 3...a Twofer.8

Spray Paint It Day 2 & 3...a Twofer.9

If you noticed something a bit off in our photos namely “what in the heck are they doing spray painting in the snow” kinda off. Yes we fully admit we trucked out into the snow to find a patch of land to do these projects. We can only imagine what we look like when we get these ideas in our heads. yes our neighbors think we are cray cray. We are just plum ready for some warm weather to get out and really get our DIY on.
That’s impeccable.

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