Soapstone countertops are dabomb

Soapstone countertops have been installed!

Yesterday was a big day for this kitchen renovation. It is always a big day when countertops get installed. We chose soapstone because we wanted something earthy with the rich, warm, hickory of the cabinets. Also there are just so many pros of soapstone. Durability. Non-porous. Gets better looking with age. Does not require sealing. Easy to clean. Very sanitary. The only care consideration, it can scratch easier than granite, so avoid cutting directly on it. Otherwise it should give you many years of attractive, hardworking performance. We chose to oil it using mineral oil to give it a darker hue. It all depends on the look you want.

Here are the template pieces.

We were also surprised with the delivery of our counter stools and the installation of our faucet. Both of which were scheduled next week. Kitchen renovations have many moving parts and many vendors and trades involved, it truly does take a village. Big shout out to RE Marble and Granite and our awesome contractor, John Harding of Image Contracting. This project has been years in the making, mostly in our heads, and you just may have to pinch us but the big reveal is looking very near.

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