Topiaries, Snug Harbor Farm, and the Catroux

Since we can’t run away to France, we ran away to the Snug Harbor Farm in Kennebunk

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And discovered these lovely topiaries and espaliered trees…just a way to bring France to us here in New England.

  1. It may still be winter but spring will be here in no time. Time to awaken your outdoor living. And come up with a dream plan for the outdoors this Spring and Summer.
  2. Inspiration was found when we came across the beautiful home of Francois Catroux and his wife Betty in Provence. The gorgeous stone, organic elements throughout and focus on art and nature really have us dreaming and scheming.
  3. Which is why we ran away to the Snug Harbor Farm. It’s a perfect little gardeners oasis found in Kennbunk, ME. Just over an hours drive, we found ourselves surrounded by topiaries and espaliered trees. Both of which are the inspiration for our outdoor entertaining an gardening this year.
  4. Since we are feeling the green vibe of the Catroux and Snug Harbor Farm, this would be great to put in the house. Or these to sip a beautiful chenin blanc!
  5. And then we could wear this beautiful dress from Tory Burch. With these.
  6. Since we are just staring out at snow these days, we are definitely buying these. And these so we can be ready to update our outdoor planters this Spring.
  7. Isn’t this just darling? We can’t wait to do the same thing to our concrete urn we have too!
  8. And how about this! We are so ready for winter to end, that we are dreaming up the perfect outdoor hangouts (COVID-pending) this summer.
  9. If all else, fails, we can add some of this to one of our rooms. And add this too.
  10. Remember, we can also help your outdoor living space. It’s the perfect time to start dreaming up your outdoor living space. Let’s set up a consult today.

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