Snow Days and Sickness

Snow Day
Snowy day here in New Hampshire

Happy Friday friends! Everyone seems to have been sick over the past week or so AND we had a surprise snow day this week on top of it. What a reminder to tell us that winter is NOT over! Living in New Hampshire, we haven’t had much snow so far this season, but we definitely had cabin fever with whatever sickness made its way through the house. Needless to say, we woke up to a snow day yesterday, and it was a welcome reprieve…I think we all needed a little break to regroup and stay home.

Snow Day
Guess they were ready to get outside!

Days like this are always chaotic, and yet quiet at the same time.

When we have all three of the kids home there are LOTS of projects sprinkled throughout the house, their imaginations run wild from performances to my little pony villages, construction paper landscapes to pillow forts. It forces us to take a deep breath because there’s really nothing better than to hear them playing. Click through to catch up on what we’ve done all week, and some updates on our home.

Snow Day
Snow Day

Don’t worry, we definitely enjoyed a few moments sipping coffee, fireside.

Snow Day

So, just a reminder to y’all…we moved into our dream home a year and a half ago…and remember we were working on a kitchen renovation? It’s crazy to think we started this journey a year ago, and we are JUST getting started on installing Phase One of our kitchen this month. There were some really BIG things we HAD to do before our kitchen. First, we installed central air conditioning system, which also revealed that we had to rewire large portions of the home. Ugh.

We also put in french doors, add new light fixtures, added wallpaper, repainted, but we took a summer break, and then a moose fell in our pool (so an unexpected pool renovation + fence fixin’) pushed our kitchen project back. And all of that really pushed us budget wise.

However, we worked with Crown Point Cabinetry in Claremont, NH to come up with a beautiful design of our space, purchased appliances, selected slabs, and we will be off to the races in a few more weeks. To say we are excited is an understatement. We will share with you all of our selections in an upcoming post.

Snow Day
This is the first phase…we still have the pantry AND island to complete.

We spent some time walking through this plan to be ABSOLUTELY certain we have thought out every decision, and the placement of everything. Needless to say, embarking on ANY renovation can be stressful, but we’ve been dreaming and scheming about this one for so long we cannot wait.

Even though we are waiting on completing this major renovation, it’s important to remember where we started. And you know what? It can be overwhelming! Especially if you’ve just moved, or you’re looking to start a new project on your home. Our first project was the smallest room in the house. And then we moved on to bigger projects, and more recently our dining room.

We’ve also found a lot of inspiration this week too. This one might be the best article out there to describe the WHY we are returning to traditional decor.

This was a fun read: In Defense of Grandma. Definitely resonates with us, you know us Grand Millennial/Granny Chic devotees.

Since we have a 5 year old to shop for soon, we are digging these from our friends.

Anyone else OBSESSED with fluffy pancakes? We’ve been sucked into watching food videos on YouTube. Wow.

Have you heard of the Design Mom? Gabrielle Blair? She’s amazing on so many levels, and we have been BIG fans of hers for years…however, she’s recently moved to France with her family, and it’s this message that’s incredible. We would love to hear your thoughts!

Snow Day

I wish we could say that the snow day was full of snow, it wasn’t. Only an early morning snow fall, followed up with freezing rain…and rain. Oh well. Until the next snow day…

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