Let’s go shopping: Designers Holiday Picks!

Let’s go shopping!

But first, let’s share OUR holiday picks.  You know, the gifts WE want to receive.  I mean, you could also buy from our Black Friday guide too…

Well, we’ve narrowed it down to 5 items.  5 glorious, beautiful, perfect items.  And we are sharing what our friends want too.  We’ve teamed up with the following women to share what we are digging now: Holiday Edition.

Here they are:

Estie KesslerStephanie Rech, Lisa Jennet Wood, Megan Harrington, Natalie Reddell, and Sara Ehrentreu of Fine and Pink.  We’ve shared their information on our instagram today. In fact, we are also posting a little something on our instagram insta-stories if you’re interested in joining a super dope gift swap.  Check us out to find out more details.  We’d love to share our friends with you.

All of us are scattered throughout the United States, so it’s interesting to see everyone’s picks.

But, without further ado, here are the impeccable picks of this Impeccable Nest:
Designer Holiday Picks

Palm Tray/Letter Mugs/Oy Vey Tray/Lovely Lip Tint/SJP Shoes

Some of these gifts are on sale too!  Run, don’t walk to your computer to place your order today.

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