Sheila Bridges creates a home well-loved

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  1. Shelia Bridges is amazing. We had the opportunity to see her design at Kips Bay NYC a few years ago, and fell in love with her design aesthetic. And her home? Yes…it’s amazing.
  2. Seriously…she recently posted progress shots of this beautiful home she created on instagram, and man…we’re blown away.
  3. Like the rooms she creates, this dress will make you feel like a priceless. We ordered one, and are crushing on this too!
  4. Looking for a way to add large scale art to your home, check this mural out…we’re always looking for a place to install this.
  5. And you know, we always like to make a statement…you could install this, or…paint your exterior black like Sheila Bridges for some MAJOR impact.
  6. Speaking of discovering cool things…we love this, and this to add to a gallery wall, or anywhere in a home. This one is super sweet for a kids room…or bathroom!
  7. We are now loading up on landscapes to add to an office space…they look so good en masse, on a wall!
  8. Can you believe it’s the end of August already? We are dreaming of a trip somewhere…maybe this Amagansett table will help us feel like we’re in the Hamptons…or…check out our newest design crush getaway!


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