#saynotoemptywalls Art finds you.

Have you heard of the #saynotoemptywalls?

Neither had we…until last week.

Some of our FAVORITE instagrammers have introduced us to this great hashtag, especially since we fill our walls with amazing art and patterned wallpaper.

Everyone always asks us “what is the one thing we need to make our home complete, to make it inspire us and evoke who we are and how we live?”

Answer. ART.

Next question that usually follows. “Where do we find art?” You don’t find art. Art finds you! So much so, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite instagram art dealers, a secret Brimfield find, and a few you should pick up right now! Why? It’s time to #saynotoemptywalls.

Instagram Art/Artists we LOVE!

Blayne Beacham Macauley: www.blayneart.com insta: @blayne_art

#saynotoemptywalls Blayne Art

Josh Yöung: joshyoungdesignhouse.com insta: @jyoundesignhouse

#saynotoemptywalls "Emma" By Josh Yöung

Stephen Sheffield: etsy.me/2jnYTZR insta:@stephen_sheffield_photography

#saynotoemptywalls Stephen Sheffield

Kayce Hughes: kaycehughes.com Insta: @kaycehughes

#saynotoemptywalls Kayce Hughes

And our FAVORITE art reseller! The “best kept secret in Los Angeles” @45threemodernvintage

#saynotoemptywalls 45 Three Modern Vintage

Our Brimfield Secret Find:

Behind the Brimfield Barn we stumbled into a art gallery amongst the salvage. Here we met artist Rodney Madison. He also runs a gallery in Turner’s Fall Massachusetts. I think we have another road trip in our future. The Madison Gallery:

94f053 F02eb9d29ab04bcfb501159154905ea9 Mv2

94f053 3bd9df932fb1469fb4d031ac64574293 Mv2

94f053 Fb4972a2c12d41489818d1f115ea69c9 Mv2

94f053 1d1d05fe9b314c068b6b0e18b6d0b3cc Mv2

94f053 A623b93c00eb45ca83689bc0323e9e42 Mv2

94f053 888dd31ac5d54486b5c0adba7789cfc5 Mv2

94f053 C3b49bd875494642884bdea103df2b2f Mv2

We so have a kitchen where this Fried Chicken piece needs to go…Can’t you just see it? It’s sooo good. I think we will get this September.

Now, shop here for some awesome pieces:

Screen Shot 2019 08 13 At 2.21.57 Pm
Pencil & Paper’s Color Study S/12
Or go to One King’s Lane for more!

Either way, you MUST start art collections today in order to #saynotoemptywalls! And if you’re interested in more art inso, check here.

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