Sarah Vanrenen: Pattern Play

We have officially met our newest design crush…just over the pond. Sarah Vanrenen.

Screen Shot 2020 10 09 At 11.12.38 Am
Screen Shot 2020 10 09 At 11.13.48 Am

  1. We are desperate for a trip…and right now we are desperate to get ourselves over to England to dip into the creative world of Sarah Vanrenen and her interior design team. They’re creations are just amazing.
  2. And since we would have to get ourselves on a plane, these would be the perfect traveling shoes…and this to keep us cozy too!
  3. And we definitely need some really cute masks
  4. Maybe a few cute coats to help us channel our British vibes…this one works, or this. Oh! What about this?
  5. We definitely need a pair of these to help us channel our inner Brit.
  6. OMG! Have you seen this? We must get a copy of it today!!!! We know that Sarah Vanrenen would be a big fan…in fact, it might inspire us to add more Schumacher to our walls!
  7. Okay, now that we got that out of our system…and now that we’re thinking about our homes…how about this book? We may not be entertaining, but we can make something delish!
  8. Now, let’s work on getting the Vanrenen look. We think this will work. And this. But definitely this.
  9. And if you love seeing the work of this awesome designer, be sure to check out this post too!

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