Sarah V Battle and her darling collages

We recently stumbled across the most darling collage art pieces on instagram by Sarah V Battle. They’re simply darling.

Screen Shot 2020 08 24 At 2.11.16 Pm
A collage of small cutout images of recurring items that I like to use, some of them I own, some I wish I did.They are cut out from a variety of papers, predominately 1890 Co-Op receipts and invoices, some which have been enlarged and reworked. They have been stuck onto a dark brown square which has been printed onto white card.
Sarah V Battle
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  1. We make our best discoveries early in the morning…because we stumbled across Sarah V Battle’s DARLING collage pieces on an instagram dive. Aren’t they creative and sweet?
  2. Speaking of sweet…we think these are the sweetest.
  3. And if that isn’t your style…what about this? Or this? Or this?
  4. Since we are talking about collage art, one of our favorite local artists is Stephen Sheffield. Here’s a great piece to add to your walls. We have a few others we’ve talked about before…
  5. Can you believe it’s September? It’s almost time to start thinking about holiday shopping. We like to gift books. Here’s a great one to share.
  6. Something we’ve missed this season has been entertaining. Once the time is right to gather with friends, we’ve picked this up. And these…just to make our table setting a little more special.
  7. And we will wear this!
  8. Maybe these too, while drinking our coffee out of this new mug!


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