Impeccable DESIGN: the right WHITE paint

Why is it so hard to find the right WHITE paint for my home?

There are warm whites.
Cool whites.
Whites with a peach tint.
Whites with hints of blue or shades of grey. Even purple.
Creamy whites or true whites.

So, how do you choose?

Here are some things to consider:

1. Mood: imagine the brightest pure white as being cold and the warmest ivory being hot. How do you want to feel? Stimulated and awakened like a cool stream or calm and relaxed like a warm bath.

2. Style: Do you want a bold modern look? Go for a cooler pure white. Or are you more traditional? So go mellow with a warmer white. Your furnishings, rugs and fabrics will reflect your white selection.

3. Purpose: Does your room need more light or a warm glow to warm it up. Is it a room for relaxing or is it a space that needs to stimulate you, like in a kitchen or playroom.

4. Test: Even after you have determined mood, style and purpose it is important to test at least 3 shades in different areas of the room.

  • a bright spot
  • a dark spot
  • ceiling, remember ceilings appear darker so you may have to mix a bit of pure white to your selected white to get the desired brightness.


China White Benjamin Moore


All White Farrow and Ball


Decorator’s White
Benjamin Moore


Decorator’s White
Benjamin Moore


White Dove Benjamin Moore


Super White
Benjamin Moore


Slipper Satin Farrow and Ball

Whatever you chose there is no denying that a coat of white paint
makes everything new again.

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