Right on TARGET

Strolling around Target the other day we wandered into the office/art/party area.
It was one of those “let’s do the long way” kinda of visit.
Doesn’t everyone ask the same question when they enter Target, “long way or short”.
Long means explore and probably come out with more than you came in for
and short means “get in and get out”. Just the necessities.
Anyway, that’s how we roll at Target.

So, we are on one of our explore days when we spy a very Jonathan Adler-like ceramic elephant and giraffe. They are meant to be painted by kids as a easy peasy art project. But wow, how about leaving them in original white state and use in a nursery design. Oh my…so charming. Now that just got our juices flowing. What other great items could be found in these not so obvious aisles for this so chic nursery.

Here is what we found.

Right On Target.1

Right On Target.2

Right On Target.3

Right On Target.4

Right On Target.5

Right On Target.6

Right On Target.7

Right On Target.8

Right On Target.9

We so want to design a nursery using these charming accents.
Let’s get creative and do it.
That’s impeccable.

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