Refresh your bathroom without major renovation

We’ve been doing a lot of bathroom renovations lately, including our own. What started as a plan to just do one of our bathrooms this year exploded into a get them all done before the end of this year. This decision was made on the heels of just completing our kitchen too.

Crazy indeed.

That said, it got us to thinking.

How can we help y’all get a little refresh for your bathroom without doing the whole renovation? At least make it so you can hold off the sledgehammer for a bit.

I mean, we have been living with our ugly, dreadful bathrooms FOR YEARS before we got the gumption, ok the money, to renovate. But we did do things to make them more than just OK.

Here’s the step by step plan, for those that dare.


1. Clear the Clutter.

Remove everything. Every. single. thing. It is hard to envision anything with distraction. You need a blank canvas. So clear everything off every surface, remove towels, shampoo bottles, make up, shower curtains…everything. Trust us, if you leave “just a few things” you can’t really see what you have to work with and it is just too hard to figure out the look with the distraction from the clutter of the old things.

2. Keep It Simple.

You want an intentionally designed space, so you only want what is functional decorative items that are 1. necessary or 2. that you like. You need a plan. Our first suggestion is a fresh coat of paint. Our go-to color is Ben Moore White Dove. It is fresh and modern with a bit of warmth. Next, think about updating fixtures. Hooks, knobs, and faucets can make a huge impact and usually become very dated in many homes. There are so many options today. Matte black, chrome, brass, bronze. Just be sure they have a cohesive look. If your mirror is that yucky builder’s-grade mirror, you know, plain, no frame, you can very easily DIY it by framing it out. Or if you are lacking storage, change it out for a medicine cabinet. While you are making some swap outs, UPDATE YOUR LIGHTING! Lighting in the bathrooms is often overlooked and underwhelming. One of our favorite bathroom refresh was one that used outside hanging lanterns as lighting that flanked the bathroom mirror. Very inexpensive and such a dramatic look. Which brings us to the next step.

 3. Get Out of the Bathroom Aisle.

So now you have a clean and uncluttered space. Now is the time to decorate. But wait, you need to get out of the bathroom aisle. It’s time to think out side the box and get creative. This is the most important step to this whole process. The traditional bathroom aisles have only tired matchy match stuff that is dull, boring and will not be able to help refresh any bathroom, let alone one that is trying to fight off a major renovation. If it starts to look cluttered again, go back to step 2.

If your feeling inspired, place your orders to zhush up potty palace before this holiday season gets rockin’.

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