Real Estate Find: 2 Strawberry Hill

We are on constant patrol for real estate diamonds in the rough.

No open house sign goes un noticed as we troll for that boarded up gem waiting to be loved.

Man, do we wish we had some spare cash under our mattress for this baby that we have been eyeing for awhile. We first discovered her a couple of years ago when she appeared on auction that never happened. Then we just watched and waited to see what would become of this sweet little lady. Well, now this baby is on the market. And we want someone with a vision for what she can be to buy her. Oh and if you could let us help you make her impeccable, that would be, well, impeccable.

Here are her dets. 3 beds. 3 baths. 3021 sq ft.

So nice size. No worries there. But here is why to buy. Original woodwork and character! Kitchen is a blank canvas. Fun. Fresh paint. Of course. But with some creative powers this home would be a stunner. Think Anthropologie meets This Old House. If you understand this statement. Then this house needs you…and us!

Remember our first fixer+upper we did. Can’t wait to do more.

We’ll be here waiting for your call. Don’t let this pretty little lady get away. But if she does, sad face with a tear emoji, we have another offer for you. We have just launched Impeccable Inspection. We will help you with finalizing your home purchase. Like the required home inspection, our inspection looks at your future home’s design potential. Let us help you find your “diamond in the rough” and make it your dream home.

Real Estate Finder: Impeccable Inspection

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