Another Quarantine Birthday Celebration

August Wren turned 3!

Quarantine Birthday

Last week we celebrated August turning 3, and this was the second birthday we have celebrated while isolating, or in quarantine. And with it came a lot of emotions.

First, I cannot believe that we’ve made it. Seriously. Three kids. 7. 5. And now 3! It has been exhausting and yet, totally and completely rewarding. My baby is no longer a baby…so please excuse me, while I wipe my tears!

Quarantine Birthday

Second, it’s been a little weird celebrating our second birthday celebration in quarantine. Prudence turned 7 last month, but it was still the beginning of the whole quarantine process, so it was new. Where as now…well, it seems as though the social distancing has sort of gotten the best of me. And it was hard to pick up the ball…

Although, we have our village.

I have found that this time around, I came to the conclusion that birthdays can be simple. And you know what? It was perfect. Luckily, I am a bit of a mini hoarder, or someone always prepared for any kind of event, so…I was able to add balloons all over the place for August to feel special.

Oh yes…and a baby shark cake. Nothing but the best.

Quarantine Birthday

Happy Birthday my sweet boy…

Quarantine Birthday

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