Pure Barre ‘Pure Fuel’ Challenge Finalé

The Pure Barre ‘Pure Fuel’ Challenge is officially over.

It’s been 5-weeks but we made it.

The goal was to check off at least 3 of the following items in our journal each day, for a total of 28 points possible each week:

  • 7-8 hours of sleep each night

  • 64 oz of water daily

  • 90% clean eating (no sugar, no processed food, no artificial sweetener, no dairy, no gluten with 10% fun food (a slice of pizza or glass of wine)

  • Pure barre workout 3-4 times per week.

The goal was to aim for 25 points per week. It was about adopting healthy habits not counting calories.

Prior to this challenge we had our body composition done. They measured our BMI, BMR, Body Fat %, Body Fat Mass, and Total Body Water. Yikes, that was too real.

Now if you thought we were going to share the details of our body composition readings, well, we aren’t that self confident. NOPE. We’ll keep that to ourselves. but what we will share is what we will take away from this experience and what we will continue to maintain.

First, it was good to do this with a community and by that, our new Pure Barre community. Since joining almost a year this July, we have gained such support from the staff and the clients. It has been tough but the empowerment has kept us going. So this Pure Fuel challenge was kinda a no-brainer, we knew it was going to be supportive.

We learned we really don’t need that much food, that splitting our meals or only eating half is perfectly satisfying. I guess what we learned is to listen to body and to only eat when hungry. That said, we also need to watch out for ‘hangry’ because that gets us into mindless eating. So we need to keep healthy snacks on hand. GoMacro Bars have been essential.

It has been nice to overall reduce carbs. This plan wasn’t about a low-no carb approach, it was more about avoiding glutenous grains (bagels, bread, pizza) so for us this radically reduced carbs. This was a tough one! We would much prefer a slice of pizza (which would be fine (10% is OK) except by a slice I mean more like half a pizza) and a bagel for breakfast (both is totally unacceptable) instead of a piece of cake.

Another huge influencer in our diet has been dairy. And we don’t mean milk. We have long been almond milk consumers. We mean C H E E S E. Seriously, how is anything worth eating without cheese. This has been a real struggle. There were times when because we couldn’t have something made with cheese, “why bother” and have nothing. Not exactly a good attitude. But the truth. Not sure how this is going to fly going forward.

So the good news, sugar elimination has been good. When We say good, we mean pretty easy. Sweets are not a strong desire. We aren’t those must have a bowl of ice cream every evening kinda of family.

Where do we go from here?

  • Keep going to Barre. We need to keep surrounding ourselves with folks that inspire us to keep trying to be healthy.
  • Keep listening to stomach and only eat enough to satisfy and ‘share’ meals. Avoid ‘hangry’
  • Keep drinking 64oz of water per day.
  • Keep limiting sugar intake.
  • Watch the bread, pizza, bagel loading.
  • That bring us to C H E E S E. If we could understand why this wasn’t considered real food, maybe we could consider getting on board. But everything is better with cheese. So not sure we can seriously ever eliminate cheese. In our minds nut cheese and tofu cheese is fake cheese. We want REAL.
  • Oh, and we don’t NEED diet coke. We still want a diet coke. But we will continue to resist the urge. Not sure we can completely pledge to never have another one. But we can pledge to not stocking them in the house. However every once in a while we can be sure to visit the house of Ronald McDonald for what we swear is the best diet coke…just say’in.

All said and done. This was GOOD.

We believe in the goals. So we will continue to aim to meet them because they will be better for our bodies and our lives. Thank you Lauren Pino,our coach and thank you Pure Barre for being there every step of the way. We are going to KEEP IT REAL.

Pure Barre



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