Power of a portrait

The power of a painted portrait.

Don’t believe us? Look at this gorgeous Milan apartment of Mauro Guerini and Jürgen Hilow-Iwaszura.

Screen Shot 2021 01 22 At 12.00.22 Pm

  1. Remember the Portlandia phenomenon of “Put a bird on it?” We are down with put a portrait up. It will instantly upgrade your space and a portrait will give your home that European feel.
  2. Not only are portraits great to add, we also love silhouettes. Here’s a great DIY that we are going to try this year.
  3. This week we are totally digging this.
  4. Okay, has anyone watched “Bridgerton?” We binged it in two nights! It’s part gossip girl, part Masterpiece theater, and part Harlequin novel. I totally loved it. This is giving us Bridgerton vibes
  5. This too, and this sofa, and this! Because…why not!
  6. We just saw!!! Our FAVORITE LAMPS are on major discount today!!!! And they come as a pair!!! Swap out the lampshade, and you’ve created something super special!
  7. Speaking of special, how sweet is this? We’ve been getting ready to buy some for our favorite valentines this year.
  8. Speaking of Valentines…have you seen this heart portrait you can create for your loved ones? We have made them ourselves, and also ordered them from Minted. Both are great.
  9. Also, are we besties yet? Have you joined our members only instagram? We are sharing all sorts of goodies with our besties there, plus any kind of things we find too. Maybe a new portrait or two? Sign up today!
  10. Last but not least, be sure to check out our “shop” page for all of our favorites. There’s something for everyone.

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