“You had the power all along, my dear.”

How does she do it all?

Do you ever get asked this?
No. Me neither.
Yet I often wonder this about others.

Home In Harmony

We went to a Boston Design Week lecture on “Home in Harmony” by Christa O’Leary.
She was a marriage and family therapist turned interior designer.
She is raising four kids, launched a new career, and maintains a healthy, loving relationship with her husband and herself. If there was even one tip I could absorb from this woman, I was determined to find it.

Long and short. Just like Dorothy. I learned I always had the answer.
Yes, I do.
The answer, find what you love and do it.

Work hard, but do it.

And lastly, your environment has a huge impact on your life. Your home can affect your health, your achievements, your inspiration, your success, your outlook. your positivity, your happiness, your mood, your finances, your love life, your children…everything really. Think about it.

How inspired can anyone be in an uninspiring setting?

Your home should not drain you. It should nourish and inspire you. It doesn’t feel good to come home to a home that overwhelms you. Do you find you just close a door on “that room” to avoid the conflict it creates physically and emotionally within you. What does your home reveal about you. Yet even more importantly how is your home affecting you and your life.

Bet you didn’t know how important interior design was to you and your life.
We do and we can help you achieve your goals and improve your overall life experience.

Damn right we can! Find out more here: www.impeccablenestdesign.com

Emma Home In Harmony

Oh man…do I look much like I feel these days? Feeling very, very FULL and so ready to get my home in harmony. That’s impeccable.


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