One Room Challenge Spring 2020: The Pool House

The pool house is getting a facelift.

Pool House

That’s right…we have decided to do the One Room Challenge this Spring, even with all of the delays, postponements, and global pandemics. We have found a way to make this “facelift” happen with all of that going on, with minimal interactions with outside people, and a lot of style.

But first, what is the One Room Challenge?

Orc Gold 4oow

Like all great ideas, it started with a need.

“Beginning in 2011 with the desire to finally finish ONE room in her home, Linda had the idea to motivate herself and a small group of online friends by setting up a challenge to work along side one another with the goal of having one finished room. She titled the event One Room Challenge™, as it became evident that staying focused on one room, from start to finish, was indeed a challenge. 

And today, we are starting the Spring season off joining hundreds of designers, design and lifetyle bloggers while transforming a room (or space) in our homes.

Today, the bi-annual event showcases twenty designers/influencers vetted and selected by the ORC team. The first Wednesday of every April & October marks the start of another exciting season guaranteed to inspire, entertain, and inform the audience of new ideas and trends in the world of home design. 

Why do this challenge?

Well, why not?

For real, we are coming up on our second anniversary of moving into our dream house, and the ORC really gives great motivation to finish a space. Remember we jumped into the ORC halfway through the last challenge, and loved wrapping up, finishing a space. So, here we are…ready to transform our pool house.

Here are some before photos:

You can see it really is a blank canvas. Nothing too exciting, or dramatic has been done to this space since we’ve moved in. This has a lofted bed/sleeping area, kitchenette with butcher block counters, and a full bath too! It is such an exciting area to leave our mark on…and infuse color AND personality.

That’s what we want to change…

Here’s what we’re going for:

Pool House

We’ve called up our friends at CW Stockwell and got our hands on the Martinque in Navy for wallpaper and fabric to put throughout the space. We’re bringing the west coast to our humble abode here in New Hampshire. There are few other things up our sleeves, but you’ll have to wait until next week to see what else we are working on for the space.

But check out these pieces we are totally picking up and putting in the pool house:

Stay tuned for next week! We will have some progress shots to share. And as always, follow us on instagram, and the #oneroomchallengespring2020!

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