Our Favorite Finds: from our Pool Float to Handbags

You asked, we answered. Mostly you all want our pool floats, but…

For reals…y’all have been asking where we have found some of our favorite things for the home, outdoors, and ourselves. And here we are…sharing our favorite finds.

So, we’ve rounded up a few of the most requested pieces we’ve bought this past year…including our favorite pool float. They’re seriously the best!

You LOVE what’s in our HOME.

Gallery Wall Artwork
Artwork from Minted
Here’s our post on the gallery wall we worked on with Minted.
Wall Sconce with wallpaper
Amazing wall sconces
Owl Artwork by Blayne
Artwork from our friend Blayne
John Robshaw Euro Pillows
Everyone LOVES our pillows

And you LOVE what’s OUTSIDE too…

Img 5022
This has been the HOTTEST thing you’ve asked for: the best POOL FLOAT!

You LOVE what we WEAR…

Blue and White Zara Dress
This awesome dress is sold out…but this one is one we are totally coveting.

Don’t worry friends…we will be adding to this list…but it’ll get you started. If you’ve missed us, here’s a good read too.

And if you need some help? You know who to call.

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