Play is work.


Play is children’s work.

It is an essential part of childhood development and early literacy.

By now most have read the research and acknowledge this statement as true. So we don’t have to tell all of you “in the know” mothers out there.

There are many types of play: constructive, building blocks, legos, clay, cardboard boxes, even toilet paper rolls. Dramatic play. creating stories and characters and acting them out with fantastical flair are just a couple of examples. In all of these types of play, open-minded, undirected is important. In other words, let children explore without rules to follow.

From time to time we like to share our work process and give an inside look at what life at Impeccable Nest looks like. Today was a productive day. We play hard at Impeccable Nest.

Oh yes, we are working today too.

Our “playtime” is rather boring in comparison.

Thankfully we have these two to remind us to never lose our fantastical flair.

That's Impeccable!

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