Penny for your thoughts? Mood Board Monday Bathroom Edition

Penny tile?

Mood Board Monday

Yes, penny tile. Our newest obsession.

Most people go with the basic (and classic) subway tile for their bathrooms, but we’re not basic. Instead we’ve decided to pick up a relatively unused, yet classic tile for our personal bathroom renovations.  Yes, we HAVE to renovate the bathrooms at our nest.

Here’s the backstory:

Years ago, we purchased this vanity from Pottery Barn (before we knew better) to renovate our downstairs bathroom…

Asymmetric VanityBut this has been sitting in our garage collecting dust…literally, for years.  2017 was going to be the year of installation (finally)!  Sounds great right?  Well…not so much.  We started to install and renovate this bathroom earlier this year, and we were getting ready to finish the shower, when something happened.



UGH, Not a complete surprise, I mean, this was on our list of things to do….just not right now.  Great.  Time to add to our current project list. The reason this is going to turn into such a large project is that we have an almond colored shower insert (yuck) and we want tile. And this leak creates an opportunity to take out the insert, repair the leak, and create a tiled confection. Beautifully tiled, walk in showers for everyone!  However…

We are totally our own worst clients.

Why?  There are so many designs, and styles out there, which makes it difficult for us to come to any hard conclusions.  We’ve known that we wanted Carrera marble as our flooring, but what to do in the showers?  We’ve flirted, and purchased subway tile (partially because we love it, partially because it’s so now), but it seems a little too linear for us.  What pushed us in the penny tile direction was a recent bathroom reno project we had 3 weeks to complete for a client.  Dated tile, hard to match colors, an incredibly difficult timeline, and decisions had to be made like…yesterday.  We actually found our tile, in the right amount, and ready for immediate delivery from Home Depot.

Yes, we pounded the pavement at our local home supply store (designers don’t always have to shop high end, or to the trade only), but that’s where we found the tile for our client. AND it is what started our Pinterest search for penny tile showers, which ultimately what started our mood board for our own bathroom renovations.

Check out our personal inspiration boards for today’s Mood Board Monday.

Penny Tile Niche

The best inspiration comes from Michelle R. Smith’s renovation at her Hawaiian getaway…serious design envy and inspo:

Don’t worry, we will share the before and after’s when we have it done, but today is demo day.


The year of: a kitchen renovation, ONE bathroom upgrade, and…our upstairs bathroom leaking…into our brand new kitchen! We’re starting to feel a little like Jeff Lewis with all of these projects!

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