Live impeccably: 10 simple ways to pay it forward in this season of giving.

Tis the season of giving.

Like most of you, we understand the true meaning of the holiday season, and many of us make donations and give to charities this time of year.

We tend to say “thank you” more often, hold the door open more than usual during Christmas. Unless we are crammed in like sardines in the mall or wrestling for that last must-have purchase. Usually, we like to think of ourselves as in the “giving” mood. It’s the reason for the season after all. Yet, we haven’t ever consciously set out to do good each day of this special month. We set out to check something off our Christmas gift list without much thought to what we can give outside of our loved ones.

How can we possibly give any more with all the giving that is expected from us for those we love and know?

How can we give to someone we don’t know or won’t know it was from us? Pay it forward is exactly that to a complete stranger. Or doing good for someone that will never know it was done by you.

Why should this be something that we should do?  Why pay it forward?

First, it’s a great way to remind others and yourself that there still is a world full of kindness and generosity. Doing something for a stranger can generate a joy unmatched by anything else. We were sitting in a restaurant one evening, all of us. (All of us is a pretty large group: four adults and two young children and baby.) It wasn’t a holiday, just a random Saturday evening meal, before 7pm because with this crew we don’t dare ruin date night by going out after 7pm. Anyways, it was a pretty uneventful meal for us, yet probably louder than most diners preferred with the messiness that waitstaff dread.

Right on cue just before the kids had their ‘too long’ at the table meltdown, our server came to the table to drop off the bill, “You are all set, a woman at the bar has taken care of your bill.”

We were shocked.

Seriously?  Who would do that?  For us?  You sure?

In fact, we hunted down the restaurant manager to ask them who it was.  And you know what?  It was a complete stranger.  Total.  Complete.  Stranger.  It totally made our night.  We were so happy, and stunned that someone would take care of us that way.  Don’t you want to want to make someones day too?  Spread that feeling of good cheer? Well…

Here are 10 simple acts of kindness we can all do this holiday season:

Live impeccably: 10 simple ways to pay it forward to pay it this season

  1. Put a few quarters in a meter, any meter that is about to expire.
  2. Compliment a stranger.
  3. Drop off a box of donuts, muffins, bagels, coffee to a business you frequent such as your dry cleaners, your child’s school, your hair and/or nail salon, your gym.
  4. Pay off someone’s holiday layaway.
  5. Give up a hard to find parking space.
  6. Write a loving note telling a family member, a friend, a co-worker how they’ve made a difference in your life – or just something to brighten their day. Keep it anonymous.
  7. If you buy flowers, buy a second bunch and leave them on a neighbor’s doorstep in an inexpensive vase.
  8. Pay for the person behind you in the drive-thru.
  9. Bring in your neighbor’s garbage cans.
  10. Give 100% tip for truly excellent service.


We’d love to hear how you pay it forward.



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