Paper covered lampshade


We love beautiful papers.
Don’t you?

Thought so.

Let’s use them to liven up some old plain lamps.
What perfect DIY for a rainy spring day.

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Select your paper: We love to go to Paper Source but there is always great wrapping paper available too.

Then use an existing lampshade or purchase a new one. If the shade is just plain white it is best not to remove since it is heat resistant. you will just cover over it.

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Trace the shade onto the paper. Cut. Adhere to shade. We use spray adhesive. Others use tacky glue brushed on with light touch.

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We may add some some colorful binding tape to trim edges.
Or maybe some pompoms.
What a bold beautiful way to give old lamps new life.
That’s impeccable.

That's Impeccable!

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