Paper covered lampshade DIY

Here is an easy peasy paper covered lampshade DIY.

We love beautiful papers.
Don’t you?

Thought so.

Let’s use them to liven up some old plain lamps.
This lampshade DIY is such perfect DIY for a rainy spring day.

 lampshade DIY

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Select your paper: We love to go to Paper Source but there is always great wrapping paper available too.

Then use an existing lampshade or purchase a new one. If the shade is just plain white it is best not to remove since it is heat resistant. you will just cover over it.

Trace the shade onto the paper. Cut. Adhere to shade. We use spray adhesive. Others use tacky glue brushed on with light touch.

lampshade DIY

We may add some some colorful binding tape to trim edges.
Or maybe some pompoms.
What a bold beautiful way to give old lamps new life.

Here is another clever way to update your lampshade 

Or if you aren’t feeling very crafty, here are some beautiful lampshades to replace your boring plain ones with getting your glue gun out.


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