Paint it Black…Mood Board Monday Edition

Black paint…yay?  or nay?

Mood Board Monday Paint it Black
Why are black buildings all the rage? It’s a classic.

We are totes on board with the black paint “trend.”  It’s hardly a trend, it is a classic.

Living in New England, we see a lot of old barns and farmhouses that are in white, red, weathered wood, and BLACK.  It is true, what is old IS new again.  Now, what’s a great paint for your new black exterior?

SW Greenblack 6994 Paint
Sherwin Williams Greenblack paint, perfection in a can.

Sherwin Williams Greenblack has you covered.  It’s not black-black, but has a depth to its color that makes it mmmm, mmm good.  See?

Remodelista Interior/Exterior Paint

How can we add a little punch to our interiors?

Well, thanks for asking!  First, we always choose “almost black” accents to add to most of designs.  It offsets most designs that we create by adding another element that pleases the eye.  Also black accents, whether through paint or accessories makes interiors more…interesting.

Take a look:

Living room/Gallery wall
Use of black paint

Isn’t this an amazing space?  The weathered black leather sofa, it has the perfect worn patina, paired with the high gloss, painted black trim and black frames on the gallery wall create a beautiful interior.

So, how about black paint or accessories in the kitchen?

Love the use of black in the hood!

Love the hood…and these room and board stools with the black woven seats!

Kitchen from Decorpad
Love the black lighting!

We LOVE this take on the white kitchen.  Remember a few weeks ago we said we were so OVER white kitchens?  Well, this one is a bit more interesting due to the lighting.  It TOTALLY upgrades kitchen to covet level…I mean, we do love a white kitchen, but sometimes they can appear a little too sterile.  So, these large, cone pendants in black add contrast that is needed in an all white space.

How would we add a little black paint or accent to a kitchen?  Right now, we have heart eyes over the Carson stool from Serena and Lily, they’re an instagram staple!

Serena and Lily Carson stool

We just placed our order for our new (counter height) stools and we will update with photos soon…

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