Outtakes from our Holiday Card Session

How many of you send out holiday cards?

We definitely try to do it. The hardest part is getting that picture perfect photo. Perfect isn’t the right word, especially since we love the more candid look and have never booked a professional photo shoot. After seeing our outtakes, maybe we should.

Anyway, we have been using Minted for a while now for our holiday cards and we love the ease and high quality look and feel of their product.

But drumroll, please…here are some fun outtakes to enjoy, and if you’re on the list? You’ll have to guess which one we picked!

Holiday Card Outtakes
Kids kidding around
Kids goofing around
Holiday Card Outtakes
August looking surprised

Well, this just might work. Hopefully no one will notice that they are still partially dressed in their pajamas. They are all facing forward with a somewhat genuine smile on their faces despite some threats of no visit from Santa used to get them here. Oh the joy of of the holidays!

Kids waving hi at the front door

  1. Did you have a great Thanksgiving? We know, its been a bit different, and difficult at times, but we want to be sure you had a good holiday.
  2. Speaking of holidays, we opened an online store! Check it out! You can buy our wreaths there.
  3. Okay, we didn’t just order our holiday card this week, we also ordered a few other things. Like this, and this and this!
  4. Since we also decided to set our table for the Thanksgiving holiday, we realized that we needed this to really help ourselves out. I mean, isn’t it the season to play games as a family?
  5. And snuggle up in a cozy blanket? We love this one…especially with our new jammies. We also want these to keep our feet toasty too!
  6. While we haven’t quite wrapped up our gift guides for everyone this year (or our shopping), we have been focused on finding really great things for the home. And these are no exception. In fact, they are one of our favorites to gift!
  7. Never fear though…when in doubt, find something vintage to gift someone.
  8. Or give the gift of good design...beautiful art...or a keepsake to help someone remember you, or be remembered this holiday season.

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